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Crowded People Standing Watching Live during DaytimeA road show is a fantastic way to showcase your company at any time of year, but for maximum impact, you need your event to take place in the right surroundings.

For summer roadshows you are likely to want access to outdoor space, but you might also want to take the precautionary measure of booking a venue with sufficient indoor space as well, in case of heavy weather. We can recommend suitable summer roadshow venues with indoor and outdoor space alike, as well as premises that effectively bridge the gap between the two, for example using a conservatory or marquee to provide a space that feels summery, but is protected against any less pleasant weather conditions.

During the winter, a roadshow can be a festive way to attract visitors to your event and the dark evenings can provide a unique opportunity to stage a show under bright lights and literally put your product in the spotlight.

The key to all of this is finding a backdrop that gives a sense of luxury and of comfortable surroundings, but which does not overshadow the show you want to put on either. For more ambitious road shows, this means we can help you to secure a string of suitable venues in a series of locations up and down the UK, as well as taking your message to the continent and elsewhere across the globe.

Absolute Venues can help you to find the perfect location with our free venue finding service, based on our past experience of working with some of the best privately owned venues in the UK, Europe and worldwide. It all starts with your initial enquiry, from which we can start to build a picture of the facilities you need, the capacity you are expecting to cater for, and crucially start booking in a series of dates that allow your road show to stay on schedule.

While many of our clients use our free venue finding service to book a single venue for a single day, we are happy to advise on multiple dates in this way – either by booking separate individual venues for each location, or by recommending one of the hotel chains we work with, who can potentially accommodate every stop you want your road show to make.

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I haven’t thanked you for all the help you provided, which is very remiss of me. You were great – thank you! The hotel that we booked through you was really good – we had some teething problems at our first weekend, but they were very responsive in dealing with these for the second. We would gladly work with them again.

University London – Jan 2018


Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card and Christmas presents you gave us, that was so thoughtful of you. The chocolates and biscuits went down well with the team! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy, healthy new year! Thank you for all your hard work and help that you have given us this year, you’ve made our lives so much easier and less stressful! Looking forward to working with you all in the New Year.

Finance Company London – Jan 2018


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